Omakase Room by Tatsu (Food Menu)


Omakase Room by Tatsu


In English, we used the font Avenir Next Condensed for a clean, non-distracting effect, and widened the kerning for an open, contemporary feel. For the Japanese kanji, we used the brush font Kouzan Gyousho that, like today’s great sushi chefs, is rooted in tradition but expresses itself through freestyle.

To round out the experience beyond simply the sense of taste, we collaborated with ceramics artist Perla Valtierra and conceptual perfumer Barnabé Fillion on a scented ceramic disk that is gifted to diners at the end of their night.
The disk changes color and scent according to the season, and attunes the diner to the five-season cycle of Japan: spring, summer, autumn, winter and doyo, an 18-day period of transition that falls in between each of the other seasons.